Youtube Video Download online on your PC

All YouTube is a great platform to watch videos. As we know it is an online service, so you always need an internet connection to watch videos. If you want videos to play offline whenever you want, you have to save them to your device storage. But the problem is that YouTube does not provide any alternative for this.

To download YouTube videos to your computer storage, you must use the online YouTube video downloader.

First of all to download Youtube videos you will need a link to the video you want to download. When you open a video on YouTube, the link can be found on the URL box of the browser. Copy that link and follow the next steps.

  1. Copy from URL Box on Browser
  2. Copy youtube link from Right Click on video
  3. Click on Share button to copy video link
Copy Youtube Video URL
Copy Youtube Video URL


Now go to any browser to open Later you will have to scroll down the page, here you will see that there will be a red button on which the YouTube downloader is written, click on it or click on the direct link given below.



Now paste the link you had copied in the testbox – to paste, you can either paste it from the keyboard by ctrl + v or right click with the mouse.

Paste Youtube Video URL
Paste Youtube Video URL


After this you click on the start download as shown in the snapshot.

You will see that many links will come to download, select any of them in which size you want to download, and right-click on the proxy and save it.

Save Youtube video on Computer
Save Youtube video on Computer


If you have appear red button “Retry” like this

retry button

Click on button to refresh again

Best understand through the video “How to download youtube video easily on your Computer”



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