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What is Social Media SEO – Social Shares Really Matter for Ranking ? – SEO Tips 2021

What is Social Media SEO?

The search industry is always brief about how social media can affect SEO. Social media SEO refers to how social media activities can boost your website’s organic traffic through search engines. This is a subject that never gets old. Reason to be simple: Social media is important to SEO in more ways than one. This not only makes your SEO activities effective but also attractive. Yes, social media and SEO may look different, but there is no doubt that they help each other.

Most people have heard of SEO and most people have heard, and perhaps to a lesser extent, are associated with social media – a term that is widely used to mean websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) that refer to users and other Uploading or sharing content is based on interacting and communicating with users. The crossover between the two is called social SEO and is intended to use social media to improve the search engine rankings of your business.

You can get good ranking by not paying attention to social SEO at all, but you cannot rank your business website only through social SEO. So, why bother with social SEO, if it is not necessary? Because positive social activity around your website makes it easier / faster to rank your site in search engines – directly through an authority that gives likes, tweets and Google + 1s to search engines, and indirectly puts your content in a Through reaching a wider audience, something that they will link to their sites.

Social SEO is not a separate branch of SEO and it will not soon replace traditional SEO, but social signals are increasingly integrated into search engine algorithms. Social signals are not as important as backlinks, and they will not last long, if at all, but backlinks aside, social signals are as important as anything else. During the last year or two the question is no longer “Do social signals have an impact on website ranking?” But instead “How much influence are they having?”

No one knows for sure what part of your factor social activity is in determining where your website is for your targeted keywords, because no search engine has given that information to the public. Not done, however, there is no denying that it is a relevant factor that does not affect where your website ranks. The importance of social SEO is continuously increasing and is highly likely to continue in great importance as well.

If you want to improve your company’s website ranking by engaging in social SEO, then you should do the following:

  •     Create content that people want to share with others
  •     Make it easy for people to share your content
  •     Set up company page / account on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  •     Communicate with people through your social media account
  •     Share content (both your own and others) through your social media accounts

If you do those things well then the number of results should increase…

  •     Facebook likes and shares your website
  •     People following your twitter account
  •     Tweets by authority users that refer to your website
  •     Positive reviews left on your Google+ page

And those positive social signals will increase your search engine ranking for keywords that target your business.

If your business operates in an industry where your competitors are doing both traditional SEO and social SEO, then you have no choice if you want to get good rankings for good keywords, but follow the advice above. Want to do Backlink Plus Social Signal will beat backlinks alone, so if you are only building backlinks then you will be left behind. If your contestants are not socially involved online, it reduces the need for you to join, it provides a good opportunity for you.

Is Social Media an SEO Ranking Factor?

Before we get into social media SEO tips, let’s clarify something.

According to Google, social media is not a direct SEO ranking factor.

End of story?

Not at all – as we said, it’s a bit complicated.

Actually, there is a lot of evidence that social cues such as likes and shares are related to your ranking… somehow.

Why Google ignores social signals

Does Google crawl and index social media profiles / pages from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Of course it does. Does it look at the content and the links published on them any differently? No, it treats them like a regular HTML page of a website.

Coming to social signals, Google does not take into account the number of social media shares or followers when ranking a web property. Because it would be easy for anyone to cheat the system and an undesirable site would be ranked higher than a qualified person.

In addition, it is important to note that social media shares occur 24/7. And they take place faster than Google can catch. Which makes it difficult for search engine giants to crawl and track them.

We don’t know how much data Google has from the major “login-login” social media sites, and if they use it for ranking purposes, we’re not sure. We know that social media plays an indirect role in helping people find their brand in search engine results. And for now, all that matters.

Here’s how social media helps SEO

Now that it has been established that social media is not directly the Google ranking factor, here are five ways that social media actually helps you rank better.

Get more quality links

Backlinks have always been an important factor in website ranking in search engines. Both, quality and quantity of backlinks have a good effect on the rank of your site.

 Build a strong listener or follower

Creating a great product is clearly the first step towards achieving great marketing goals. However, in order to truly call your product or service a success, it is important to spread the word to your target audience – especially early adopters. Remember, if your audience is not aware of your offering, it is as good as it is not.

Increase the number of branded searches

Increasing your audience and building a strong brand is a big part of any online marketing campaign, social media marketing is no different. Your social media profiles and pages help you build relationships with your chosen audience. With their continuous social media updates and regularly providing them with quality information, they recognize your brand. They know who you are and what kind of content you make. And starting to see you as a reliable source.

Best practice for social media SEO

  • Publish high-quality content
  • Make social sharing easier
  • Optimize your social profile
  • Optimize your images for both SEO and social
  • Start and be a part of active conversations
  • Measure social media performance

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