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Does Web Hosting Affect SEO ?

Websites that operate smoothly and quickly are more likely to grab better Google search rankings and are only possible when a website is hosted on a top-notch hosting server. It is a common question whether a web host affects the SEO of a website and the answer is a big yes!

2 of 3 web hosting factors – uptime / downtime and speed – that affect SEO can fluctuate greatly from month to month, and therefore you need to review them regularly. You should contact your web hosting company immediately as soon as you see any problem. Do not just assume that they are aware of the problem. Even if they are aware of the problem, they may not really care. Therefore, it is wise not to lock yourself into a long-term web hosting contract.

Paying month by month instead of 1 year or 3 years, upfront means that you can transfer your site to another as soon as one hosting company drops its standards. If you have signed a long-term hosting contract and are having problems, you should write-off the money paid and transfer it to another host anyway, because one in a hundred in hosting costs Losing a couple is better than long term SEO damage to your website

Now, let’s look in detail at 3 web hosting factors that can affect your website ranking:

Uptime / downtime

Downtime means the amount of time at which your website is inaccessible due to hosted server problems. Search engine spiders will probably try to visit your site several times a day. If they come to your site during downtime, they record that it is inaccessible and move on to the next site. If this happens again and again, your site becomes untrustworthy and your ranking may be down. Search engines do not want to display highly untrusted sites in their results because it reflects badly on them if searchers click on a result they provide and then cannot reach the site. Even 99% uptime means that during a month your website will not be able to run for about 7 hours in total. Ideally, you want your website to be accessible 100% of the time, however, some amount of downtime is unavoidable even on expensive web hosting plans. However, it is not unreasonable to expect this from a web host – and to provide and guarantee 99.9% uptime, so don’t accept anything less.

Page Speed

Search engines are generally very secretive about the factors that are part of their algorithms, however, in 2010 Google stated explicitly that the speed with which a page loads is one of those factors. This is only one of over 200 factors, and so it almost certainly has less than 0.5% impact on your ranking, but it is still worth noting. You can see the loading speed of your site pages here:

Your web host is not at fault though at a slower than average loading speed. The configuration and coding of your site can cause it to slow down, but if you are sure that your site is optimized along with the technical set-up, and you are still getting poor page loading times, then you need to keep The hosting company should ask to move their site to another server. It is not uncommon for a website to share server resources with hundreds of other sites, and more sites are on one server, and more resources that use those sites will slow down your website. Moving your site to a less busy server, or even a private / dedicated server, will immediately improve page load speed.

Server Location

In addition to many other factors (content, backlinks, etc.) to display the most relevant search results, search engines also assess the location of a website, deciding where to place it in its ranking. For example, if the person doing the search is based in the UK, the search engine will normally display sites located in the UK higher in their search results. They use several indicators to determine where your website is located, one of which is your site’s IP address. That IP address is assigned to your site based on the location of the server on which it is hosted. Therefore, hosting your website with a company with servers in the UK should result in a higher ranking for your site when people in the UK search for your chosen keyword. Another aspect of this is that your site will rank lower in those search results when people search for the same keywords in other countries. If you are hosted on a server in another country, you can still rank your website well in one country, however, it is a bit harder to do so, and is easily avoided, So there is no point in doing extra work for yourself.

No Shared Hosting

A shared hosting may seem effective, but remember that inexpensive things are not good. A shared host lets you host multiple websites on a shared server due to the fact that you are compromising the quality of hosting.

Google does not like websites that are hosted on a shared server because it is against the ethics of SEO. Furthermore, the biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is spamming. These cheap hosting providers serve anyone, even if they are spammers.

This inappropriate neighborhood directly affects the ranking and authority of the website. Furthermore, shared hosting does not really provide you with speed, reliability, and scalability.

The biggest part of shared hosting is its lack of security which can result in data theft or compromise your website.

Set geo-targeting in the search console tool

Geo targeting is an excellent feature of Google Search Console Tools. The tool helps to target the right audience globally regardless of your server location.

If your website has a local domain (eg .au, .co, .uk), then you should not worry about targeting related audiences as it is likely to be automatically grabbed. However, if your domain is global like (.com), then you need to identify the country you are targeting in Search Console.


A website that is hosted on a bad host is destined to become a disaster and all the above reasons are sufficient to make the statement a bitter truth.

If your website is hosted on a shared host, choose a better hosting option otherwise be prepared for poor SEO ranking, sudden website crashes, downtime and more load time.

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