SEO Trends 2021

SEO TRENDS FOR 2021 & Latest Google SEO Tips for Your Website Ranking

SEO TRENDS FOR 2021 & Latest Google SEO Tips

Looking for Google SEO Trends 2021? Do not worry you are at the right place!

Trends that were previously popular now slowly sink into oblivion. The SEO Trends list has been updated and new items have been added. Today we want to discuss with you the factors that will be the deciding factor for 2021. Some of them remain evergreen, but whatever the reason, webmasters are not in a hurry to adapt to them. This is a lack of knowledge or time in most cases, so it will be to your advantage to know about them:

Did you know 5 years ago it was so easy to rank a website on Google’s 1st page and get visitors to a website. The good old days are long gone due to increased competition.

It is now 2021 and ranking the website in Google is not so easy. Google’s algorithm varies to give its users the best possible results. So, if you are working hard to rank your website, here I am listing some SEO trends 2021 and tips that work a wonder for your website.

Focus on high quality content

High quality content became a deciding factor for your website’s rank popularity a long time ago and it still stands in the first place. The better content you create, more people notice you and come again to enjoy your writing. I admire your work. Google does not like poorly written text and if you can meet the needs of users or fail to create a pleasing user experience on your website it will get you down very fast. Remember the following line and keep this in mind when working on your next copy: High quality should be one, betrayal means you will cheat your ranking.

Achieve your traffic intentions

The huge waves of traffic are very good. If you have a large number of viewers, then you have done a good job to attract different audiences to your website. However, do you really need that much?

Chasing the volume of traffic, we often forget about its quality. Suppose millions of people visit your website on a monthly basis.

If you run a blog and your target is more readers – congratulations, then it is done. If you want more buyers who take only 2-3% of that million – then you have failed. The remaining 97–98% will not click on the “Buy Now” button on your website. In this case, you have attracted readers but not buyers.

Stop useless traffic and aim for real goals and audiences. With the right goals, you can create a solid SEO strategy; Choose the right platform to promote based on your target audience and products; Choose the right keywords for your articles to bring variable attention to your items, and make a profitable offer for your future customers that they can’t resist.

Find out your qualifications: E.A.T. accreditation

What is EAT accreditation?

the Eat. The concept stands for Expert, Authority and Trust and views himself as a genuine and proven professional in the idea of ​​a webmaster (or a copywriter) in which he works, and who produces publicly open content. , Which will not affect people. Well negative. Google may ask for proof of qualification, a diploma and / or certificate.

Why E.A.T. is important?

Google says that it wants users to get only relevant, fresh and PROVEN data. If your words can hurt users in the opinion of the algorithm, Google will grab it and drop your website into the deepest layers of the SERP Ocean. Protect yourself and try to prove that you know what you are writing about. Unsafe data can create havoc for ranking of a website. Bad reviews may not take long to come if you write something else that learns quickly. After all, users can no longer visit your website because they cannot be sure that you are genuine. Google will pay attention to this and your ranking will go down rapidly, allowing you to write new articles. There are specific algorithm updates that focus on locating and decorating websites that may harm users. Whether Google considers “harm” to come from politically argumentative content is also outside the scope of this discussion.

How does it work best with E.A.T.

Present yourself properly: The “About” page is always to remember all of your accomplishments and to write about who you are and what reasons people can use your knowledge without fear. Nice place

Gather positive reviews on other Internet platforms: Your website is not the only place where people can learn about you and your work. There are many websites where people can share their opinion about various services. These can be either praise or blame. Provide the best knowledge to those about whom you will not feel ashamed or guilty.

From and behind official sources: Nowadays people do not believe in links. To be more precise, people do not trust unknown or suspicious sources, and as a result, they will not trust you. If you receive a backlink from an extremely low authority or irrelevant domain – terminate it through Google Disavow; If you’re going to link to a suspicious domain – check it and if anything, don’t link it at all. Find another one with higher authority on the Internet.

Schema – Structured Markup – Featured Snippet

Even though a schema structured mark-up query is not new to the world of SEO, it still holds a very good place in SEO Trends 2021. Schema helps search engines understand the context of the page and helps them rank better. For search queries related to them.

A plan in the web page will also enable the generation of a rich snippet that greatly increases your traffic.

Here is a list of some types of schemas

• Organization
• Website
• Product
• Review
• Article
• blog posting
• general question
• Video

Nowadays select snippets are getting more clicks on Google results page. Yes, currently SEO is not just about gaining 1st place in google search, it has evolved further. Google has now come up with this feature to enhance the user experience where the user can read a piece of content on the search page.

We currently call it the status “0”. Optimizing your website content for Google select snippets gives you better traffic from your website which secures the first search position.

Google My Business – Local SEO

In the post-epidemic world, every local business is constantly updating itself from traditional to digital marketing. As the use of digital marketing practices in local businesses increased, so did the importance of my business listings and local SEO. Google Local SEO is playing a highly important role in SEO trends in 2021. So, don’t miss optimizing your Google local business.

With all local businesses competing against each other, local SEOs must take the lead in the search to gain more traction.

Mobile optimization

One important metric that Google has consistently given a good importance to is mobile optimization of your web pages. Nowadays it has become clear that most users visit websites from their mobile devices. So, it is also one of the important SEO trends in 2021. Gone are the days when you design a website for desktop and optimize it for mobile devices. 2021 SEO Trends remind you that you should design a web page for mobile and make it desktop friendly. In such a situation, mobile optimization is important. Go ahead and make sure that you have checked this box to not lose a valuable user.

Impress your customers with a great user experience (UX)

In addition to high quality content, which has been in the headlines since Google filtered search results – a long time ago, there is another point at which you must draw your attention. A Great UX (User Experience) will be one of the most discussed topics in 2021 and beyond. The way people navigate, investigate, and feel on your website has become one of the biggest problems in SEO, especially since people have started using mobile devices more than desktops. The need to optimize websites for mobile devices has been broken in every webmaster’s life. This is also a big thing for Google. If the user experience on your website is still like this, then you know what to do in early 2021.

Voice search Optimization

Voice search gives us information at any time: when we are on our way, or we cannot type, or we do not have a lot of free time, or we are just lazy. This is for your convenience, so we should work on your content to make it fun for one of our articles to optimize for potential voice search, which can be given as a response to a spoken request.

The best way to optimize your content for voice search is to organize it according to people’s most spoken questions and their language. What do we mean by that? Here is some advice we want to share:

Start a few paragraphs of your articles with questions, such as “what”, “how”, “when” and so on;

When producing your content, think about the niches where voice search is most commonly used. For example, people are more likely to use Google Assistant when they are interested in shopping, such as cinema tickets, schedules, and premieres. People use wash search for lifehacks, cooking recipes, cooking video tutorials, how-tos etc. Voice search is also often used to find restaurants with their menus and working hours etc. Here comes your type of business, structured data and local optimization;

Since voice search is primarily done on mobile devices, mobile optimization of your website is more mandatory than ever;

The speed of your website is essential for voice search as well as other types of searches. If you are not able to provide fast results for a searcher’s query, you are not yet worthy of the attention of Google Assistant.

Start working on your video marketing strategy

Videos are everywhere. People want them everywhere. Because they are interesting, entertaining, multifunctional and available from any device. That’s why this type of content can help you go viral.

The first thing that perhaps comes to your mind is YouTube. that’s understandable. YouTube still stands right after Google and is one of the most important areas for promotion. However, do not aim specifically for this as YouTube is a highly competitive place for a newcomer. If your business is picking up now you can waste a lot of effort and time.

There are many platforms that you can use to achieve your business goals. Increase your area of ​​operation in terms of video format and add “social media marketing” to your SEO strategy.

What is the best way to do video marketing?

Divide and rule: Trim, crop and reconnect a large video and put them on Instagram reels, Snapchat and other services can potentially bring you lots of interested visitors. Simply crop a longer video that you will create for YouTube and post a short piece of it on these platforms with a link to the entire video or with the name of your YouTube channel. An interested public will click on the main video and your site.

Of course, you cannot miss this phase of optimization. Prepare your videos to be on the Internet and be seen each time a user wants your content.

Secure website – https

Even though secure websites are not a major factor that affects you in SEO but it still does it indirectly. When a new user notices a warning sign on the browser, they are more likely to leave your website immediately which affects your bounce rate and in turn affects your search ranking.

The HTTPS protocol uses encrypted data for secure communication unlike the HTTP protocol. The use of HTTPS will ensure a trust factor for your audience about your website.

Influencer Marketing – SEO

If you have not yet started influential marketing for your business, 2021 is the best time to start. Influencer marketing has proven to be one of those marketing methods that produces a high ROI (investment return) and a large reach. The thing is that you have to choose your influencer carefully. It will work with any size business. Shout about your product from a preferred influencer. All users need to gain confidence in your product.

On-page SEO

On-page is the engine of your SEO rocket, without an engine you are not going anywhere. So, here are some DOS on-page SEO things

  • TITLE: Take time to create the title of your page, keeping it engaging so that the user hits the link in the Google result. The targeted keyword of the page should be added to the title.
  • Description: Make your website content fast and crispy in a meta description, a call to action format that makes a user eager to click on the site.
  • URL: Always use SEO friendly URL structure. The URL should contain keywords and be short and should not exceed 4 to 5 words. Use categories in the URL structure if necessary.
  • Header tags: Optimize the content on the page for headings with H1, H2, H3 tags wherever necessary. Header tags provide structure to your page and make it easier for Google robots to crawl.
  • Image ALT: Use images, info-graphics to make the user experience awesome. Whenever you are using an image be sure to add alt tags for images with keywords.
  • NAP optimization: NAP stands for name, address and phone number. NAP plays a big role Local SEO. We need to optimize our website with NAP information in the header or footer of every page which will help the website to rank for local search.

In conclusion, the trends are changing day by day. We do not know what will happen in the future and what changes we will go through respectively. However, we have to adjust to any situation and adapt our business model to them so that they can win any race.

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