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Doing SEO In-House VS SEO Consultant VS SEO Agency – SEO Tips 2021

What is better for SEO- In-House VS SEO Consultant VS SEO Agency – SEO Tips 2021

A small business with a small website can usually meet all of their digital marketing needs, completed by a freelancer or an agency – hardly enough work to make a full-time digital marketing worthwhile, and Even a full-running agency relationship can be overkill for the amount of recurring SEO work that will need to be done.

Deciding between doing SEO in-house and hiring an SEO consultant is a difficult decision. If you want to make it, then you are in a good position, because a lot of businesses have no choice. They do not have the resources to do SEO in-house and do not have the funds to pay for SEO services and packages.

If you are in a position to make a decision, then you should keep in mind that good results can be achieved with whichever one you choose. There are essentially four options available to you – full-time in-house SEO, part-time in-house SEO, in-house SEO with guidance and assistance from an SEO consultant and an SEO consultant. These are the pros and cons of each.

What is in-house SEO?

Simply put, in-house SEO is when we either:

  •     Hire an employee to handle your SEO campaign
  •     Build an in-house SEO team with more than one employee

As discussed above, the cost of this option generally lies between outsourcing to an SEO agency and hiring a freelance consultant (which is comparable in skill and experience).

Since in this case, SEO experts will be your in-house, full-time employees, you may have to pay various additional costs ranging from insurance to permits and benefits.

In general, an intermediate-level SEO specialist is expected to pay around $ 60,000 in salary (according to Glassdoor), plus an additional $ 10,000– $ 20,000 in benefits, so $ 70,000– $ 80,000 per year. For an expert level SEO expert, expect to pay an answer of $ 100,000.

Monthly cost is $ 5,833.33 / month if the annual salary + benefit value is $ 70,000 / year.

Full-time in-house SEO – an employee of SEO who is only working on SEO.

The pros

  •     Can start giving results in weeks instead of months.
  •     Able to compete for competitive keywords.
  •     Good knowledge of products / services / customers / partners.

The Cons

  •     The average salary is around £ 30,000.
  •     More than available positions are suitable people to fill them.
  •     A long term commitment is required.

Part-time in-house SEO – An employee with no SEO experience, who has been working on SEO for less than 10 hours per week.

The pros

  •     Little extra expense.
  •     Good knowledge of products / services / customers / partners.
  •     Disqualified for using risky and manipulative methods.

The Cons

  •     It can take months before any results are seen.
  •     Unable to compete for competitive keywords.
  •     Lack of staff with appropriate abilities and enthusiasm.

What is an SEO consultant?

What exactly is the difference between an SEO consultant and an SEO agency? Or the difference between consultants and agencies in general?

First, the term “advisor” is often used loosely and can generally mean one of two things:

  •     People, or groups of people who ‘consult’, ie provide expert advice. In this case, the advisor will only provide strategic advice and will not help in the execution and implementation as well as in the least.
  •     An individual (or very small team) who is technically working as an SEO agency for a cheaper price. We can probably use “Freelance SEO Expert” more precisely here.

If you are interviewing an SEO consultant, it is important to first make sure who they are – especially about whether they will (fully) be involved in the execution phase

Typically, an intermediate level SEO consultant will spend an average of $ 150 per hour ($ 100 to $ 300 / hour). You can also pay the consultant on a monthly basis, from $ 2,000 / month to $ 8,000 / month.

SEO Consultant – A professional is hired for an hourly, monthly or one-time fee.

The Pros

Can start giving results in weeks instead of months.
Able to compete for competitive keywords.
Short term or no commitment required.

The Cons

  •     Poor information of products / services / customers / partners.
  •     Relationships are difficult to build and develop.
  •     The average hourly rate is around £ 50.

SEO consultant and in-house SEO – Part-time in-house SEO with guidance and assistance from an SEO consultant.

The Pros

  •     Combines SEO expertise with business knowledge.
  •     Able to compete for reasonably competitive keywords.
  •     Using risky and clever methods

The Cons

  •     Reliable on an excellent working relationship.
  •     Lack of willing SEO consultants.
  •     Efficiency reduction.

Which option is best for your business depends on these factors:

  •     The industry you work in.
  •     The type of result you expect.
  •     Deadline for results.
  •     The amount you want to spend.

If you want a good rank for competing keywords in a reasonable time frame, then in-house in-time will not be enough. However, this will suffice if you are happy to target less competing keywords or wait longer for results. Most businesses will no doubt be in the middle of nowhere – wanting good results in a reasonable time frame without spending a fortune – in which part-time in-house SEO is recommended, with guidance and assistance from an SEO consultant. If there is a lot of online activity (search and social media) in your industry, then doing in-house-in-time SEO is really essential. If there is, then a full-time in-house SEO is the best option if you can afford it and are ready to make a long-term commitment.

What is an SEO agency?

The SEO agency — again, often confused with SEO consulting, as discussed above — usually refers to a firm or an organization that provides a specific service.

Thus, an SEO agency provides SEO services (and usually only focuses on SEO), while a digital marketing agency typically provides a more holistic service that covers various aspects of digital marketing (obviously Is) from SEO to marketing and other marketing.

The main difference between an agency and SEO consultant – as discussed above – is mainly about how involved they are with the execution / implementation of the B2B SEO strategy. With an agency you usually get the complete package from planning to evaluation and thus they are generally more expensive.

Expect to pay over $ 5,000 / month plus $ 20,000 / month for a qualified digital marketing agency.


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