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Guaranteed Page One Rankings – Avoid This SEO Scam – SEO Tips 2021

Some companies make SEO promises that seem too good to be true. Because they are often. Once you have decided to hire a team of professionals to handle the SEO of your company, it is important to choose that team wisely.

Many SEO companies sell their services to businesses on the basis that they “guarantee page one ranking”. The deal may be for some keywords, or it may be for ten or more keywords depending on the price they are charging, but the principle is the same – if they give you Google for those keywords first On the page if they are done, it may seem like a good deal to a lot of business owners, and it makes a lot of sense that you would think that if you are on the first page the searcher will see your website and if they If they see it, they will click on it. However this is not a good deal. Just being on the first page is not enough.

The principle of selling SEO packages based on page one ranking is not good for you, as some keywords get very few searches. Nothing is found if an SEO company lists your business website for the first five keywords that no one is looking for, even if you remain in the top position for the keywords you’ve found on your website. No visitors have given. You need to know the search versions for the keywords they are ranking for you. If you ask them, they should tell you that information. If not, you can test yourself using Google’s keyword tool.

It is not uncommon for SEO companies to choose five or more keywords with very low search volume for you to rank because generally the lower the amount of search, the lower the level of competition, which will help you rank your website. Makes them easier and cheaper to do. Those keywords. What is a ‘good’ search volume depends on the industry in which you, your budget, and the commercial value of those keywords are. If you are spending £ 250 a month, then you should be realistic and do not expect your website to have five highly rated SEO services with competitive keywords. Neither should you be ranked for five useless keywords.

So, if you are tempted by one of the many “guaranteed first page ranking” offers, make sure that you check the value of those keywords before paying any money. Even though the SEO company agrees to work on keywords that are valuable to you, and they fulfill their promise to make your website appear in one of the top ten positions, it still probably won’t be a good deal. you. The reason is that the site in the 10th position rarely clicks when people search. Why? Since the top generally meets the needs of website searchers in certain situations, that gives them no reason to check the website at the bottom of the page.

Exact statistics for which websites are in the top ten for any search, the amount of clicks varies slightly from study to study, however, for the purposes of this example, obtained from a study by a reputable marketing company Data will be used. . The results of their 2010 study on click through rates for Google’s search results are:

1st Position – 36.4%2nd Position – 12.5%

3rd Position – 9.5%

4th Position – 7.9%

5th Position – 6.1%

6th Position – 4.1%

7th Position – 3.8%

8th Position – 3.5%

9th Position – 3.0%

10th Position – 2.2%

Note: Percentages do not add up to 100% because some people search for any result and do not click and if they do not like the results shown on the first page then others will go directly to the second page.

Those results are for the first click that has been made by the searcher after the search results have been shown. Often people will click on two or three results, so wherever your website is actually ranked in the top ten, you can expect to get more clicks than the percentage shown. The percentage point is to highlight how much difference there is in the ranking of the 1st place compared to the ranking of 10th place. Even in 3rd place, compared to 6th place, there is a big difference. If your business website is ranked 3G, you can expect twice as many visitors than if you were ranked 6th.

Think about this – it is quite likely that you will get more visitors to your website if your website ranks first for a good keyword if you rank 5th for a 10 to 10 average keyword. This is why SEO packages that offer “five keywords on page one for £ 250 a month”, or variations of that, do not take up offers that you should consider. You should consider packages that work towards increasing the number of visitors, as it eventually happens. Would you have a 10 keyword ranking on page one that would bring a combined 25 people to your website a month, or a keyword ranking in the top three posts that brought 100 people a month?

The role of an SEO company or an SEO consultant should be to maximize the number of visitors your website receives from search engines (and other locations), and not just to list it on the first page of search results. Therefore, do not accept your company’s website on page one of Google only. It is a good start, but the work is only half done.

No one except Google can control Google’s algorithm

If an agency promises you not only the # 1 spot for any keyword, but also that they will be there forever after you do it … again, it’s time to run. . The reason for this is simple: search engine optimization is not an easy solution, and Google is constantly evolving.

Every day search engines are getting smarter. Google even tellers results specifically for users and their search history. Your website can rank # 1 for one person, and # 4 for another based on their personal preferences and various other factors.

There is no information about what the next Google algorithm will be updated. As long as you maintain SEO efforts combined with up-to-date content, other websites that better follow the search engine rules will definitely steal your thunder.

For this reason, SEO promises that “once we work with you all will be set” is not only misleading, but simply untrue.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

We all want fast results. However, optimization for search engines may not happen overnight. It takes time to fix current issues, create customized content, and create authorization. There are several factors that play a role in signaling to Google that your webpage is most relevant to users’ queries. Some of them are known, such as keyword usage and up-to-date content – but some are not. Is it correct to call ranking unstable and complicated?

Agencies that promise to give you overnight results are likely to disappoint you or employ black-hat methods. Today there can be a sudden increase in traffic to your website. But in the long run your online reputation will suffer (not to mention the visits received probably won’t change). It is important to remember that the point of SEO is not to deceive the search engines. Follow their rules and enjoy the * many * benefits that follow.

For which keyword would I rank?

This one is very straightforward, but it is the perfect place. If you are being promised first page ranking, then you want to know which place you are! Ask for a list of keywords in order of importance.

Of course you want to rank for the words that are relevant to your website, but if your business name is the first word on the list, look! When it comes to your business name, you always need the number one rank. When people search for you by name, you are about to come. How Google Works Google wants to give people what they are looking for.

Now, if you have a common business name it may not be that easy. Generally, however, you should always show up first when your name is searched.

What methods will you use to save?

I’m just going to touch on Black Hat vs White Hat SEO techniques. Diving into technical differences in the execution of these deserves their own article. Here are the main differences:

Black Hat SEO gives you a quick win in search engines by breaking the rules. You will immediately see your “results” and the company you paid will make the bank laugh all the way. Quickly, Google finds out what happened, and your site is removed from the search index.

White Hat SEO, by contrast, focuses on research, content, and patience. It works to be right especially for highly competitive industries. But, these efforts and their results have a true impact on how your business continues over time.

So what can you do?

Now comes the one million dollar question: What is the best way to protect my business from fake SEO promises? Unfortunately there is no correct answer. However, a good place to start is to ensure that your expectations align with reality. Try to establish a transparent communication on the SEO plan / timeline in which it is expected to be received.

Also, be sure to choose wisely. Overnight SEO results and stable # 1 position on SERP should inspire the same level of skepticism as “fat burning at night” pills.

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