types of backlinks that are completely safe for SEO

Get Backlinks From Which Websites Search ? – SEO Tips 2021

There are several methods, listed below, that you can use to search websites to get backlinks. It is recommended that you use all methods, so that you search as many sites as possible. How many websites you need to find depends on how many backlinks you need, but you should aim for a minimum of 300 from your initial research.

Once you use the methods below to get backlinks from websites, and check each site to ensure that they do not meet any of the criteria for the websites to which you link Do not want to, you need to think about the ways to get links from sites, and what are the reasons for them to link to your site.

Websites already for your targeted keywords

Search each of your targeted keywords in quotation marks (such as “your keyword phrase”) on Google. Sites on the first 5 pages of search results are probably targeting the same keywords as you, and therefore will not be open to link to your site.

Websites that rank on 6-10 pages of search results however are actively trying to rank for that keyword, and therefore may possibly be persuaded to link to your site.

Look through the search results, pages 6 through 10, and note any website where the URL, title, and description indicate that it can be a good, relevant, realistic source for getting a link.

Ranking of websites for keywords related to their targeted keywords

Search for each of your targeted keywords, and click on the suggested keyword in the “search-related” feature, which is located below the list below on the search results page.

Look through the search results, up to page 10, and note any website where the URL, title, and description indicate that this can be a good, relevant, realistic source for getting a link.

Next, search the phrases below on Google. Replace ‘keyword’ with a broad keyword (such as dentistry, insurance, interior design, clothing, etc.) that covers your targeted keywords.

Note: Some search queries work better in some industries than others. If a particular search query does not produce good results, ignore it and move on to the next.

  1. blog + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  2. article + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  3. directory + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  4. website + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  5. links + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  6. roundup + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  7. guide + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  8. tag + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  9. news + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  10. magazine + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  11. resource + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  12. research + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  13. write for us + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  14. guest blog + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  15. guest blogger + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  16. guest column + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  17. guest article + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  18. become a contributor + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  19. guest author + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  20. guest post + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  21. contribute to our + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”
  22. contribute to this + intitle:”keyword” OR inurl:”keyword”

Look through the search results, up to page 10, and note any website where the URL, title, and description indicate that this can be a good, relevant, realistic source for getting a link.

Also try these search queries with related keywords. For example, if you are an accountant, try changing the with keyword ‘along with tax, payroll, bookkeeping, audit etc.

By searching the phrases below on Google, you can also use this method to search for location relevant websites. Replace the ‘Based Location’ with the area on which you are based.

  • forum + intitle:“location” OR inurl:“location”
  • blog + intitle:“location” OR inurl:“location”
  • directory + intitle:“location” OR inurl:“location”
  • businesses + intitle:“location” OR inurl:“location”
  • magazine + intitle:“location” OR inurl:“location”
  • news + intitle:“location” OR inurl:“location”

Websites connecting your competitors

If a website is already linking to one of your contestants, then there is a fair chance that you can convince them to link to your website as well.

You will need to use a paid backlink analysis tool that is able to see who is linking to your competitors, of which there are 2 options: Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer.

Ahrefs is recommended because it has the largest database of live links. It costs around $ 80 per month, however, you only need to sign-up for 1 month, which is plenty of time to research the backlink profiles of all your competitors.

First, make a list of your online competitors, who are ranking on the first 3 pages of search results for your targeted keywords.

If there are large brand / authority websites like Wikipedia, Amazon, etc. to rank on the first 3 pages of search results, then remove them from your list, as most of their links you will not be able to replicate.

Next, from your list, choose a competitor and enter the URL of your site’s homepage into Ahrefs. You will be shown a list of sites that are linking to that competitor.

In the Backlinks section, click on ‘External’, click on ‘Per One Link per Domain’ to remove duplicate websites from the list and sort the results based on domain rank.

Look at the list of websites that link to your competitor, which has a domain rank of 40+, and note any website from which the url, title, and link text indicate that this is a good way to get a link. Can be a relevant, realistic source. .

Websites related to existing and new Backlink sources

Google’s related: Search queries can be used to search websites that Google thinks are related to the site you used in the search query.

For example, related: www.bbc.co.uk gives a list of news sources and broadcasters that are similar to www.bbc.co.uk

Use this search query on sites that are already linking to you and a list of targets for new backlinks that you compile using the methods described above.

Look through the search results, up to page 10, and note any website where the URL, title, and description indicate that this can be a good, relevant, realistic source for getting a link.

Note: Related: The search query only works for some sites. So, if no result is returned, just move on to the next one.

Some types of backlinks that are completely safe for SEO

Backlinks from resource pages

In every industry, even some people like to call it “boring”, there are sites that have resource pages. From there, webmasters have to link to sites they consider useful and relevant to their readers.

However, asking for just one link without giving anything in return will get you nowhere. To increase your chances of getting a link to that page, you must meet the following conditions:

A great resource / site to present to a webmaster.

Give the webmaster a reason to link back to you. Try to establish a relationship before offering your site as a resource, or help them fix a problem.

You can find the resource page in Google using the following search string:

Keyword + “Resource”
Keyword + “Useful Resources”
Keyword + “Support Resources”
Keyword + “link”
Keyword + “Useful Links”
Keyword + “Supporting Link”
Keyword + inurl: “resource”
Keyword + inurl: “site”
Keyword + inurl: “link”
Keyword + inurl: “Other Sites”

Quick tip: Whatever you do, possibly agree to do a link exchange for a backlink.

Backlinks earned with infographics

Infographics are a great way to share your content more. Apart from the possibility of going viral on social media, it can also attract backlinks.

If an editor likes your content, they can easily embed it on their site, without the hassle of duplicate content. Every major business in the world uses infographics to promote their site. Further is an example of an infographic made by IBM.

This may seem like an easy task at first, but not all infographics attract backlinks. An excellent infographic that attracts quality links has to stand out with a good design and make the data tricky and useful.

Learn more about building backlinks with infographics here.

Backlinks from charities and non-profit sites

The process of earning links by donating to non-profit sites is very straightforward. Some sites will link to sites that have donated. Referring as simple as clicking the “Donate” button and submitting your site’s URL.

In a few days, your link will appear. Depending on how reputable the site is, you can offer discounts of between $ 50-100. Although some will not link back to your site, most will.

It is also important to check the number of outbound links. If there are too many links to other websites, you may want to skip the opportunity.

Although there are not many sites that accept donations in exchange for links, when you find one, success is almost guaranteed. Below are some search strings that you can use to find sites that accept donations:

“Donation List” + “Contributor”
“Contributor page” + “Donate”

Another option is to do reverse engineering. When you find the first nonprofit website, check the links to sites that have been donated before and you can search for tens of other opportunities.

Backlinks earned by promoting your best content

When you write a new article, don’t just sit and hope that the article will start getting backlinks. If you don’t promote it rarely happen.

What would happen if Einstein did not make his general relativity theory public? Nobody would have known about it for years.

It is the same with your content. If you don’t promote it enough, it will get buried somewhere on your site, and no one will know about it. You have to spread the word about your articles.

The best option is to find sites and bloggers that link or share articles that are similar to yours. You can then do email outreach and ask for some feedback on your latest article. Do not request a link directly, as this will remove them.

To find such sites, you can always use the monitor backlink. Look for good website prospects and plug in our Free Backlink Checker to spy on your SEO metrics – how you can tell if it’s worth writing for their site.

What is their trust flow? Citation Flow? Spam Score? If everything checks out and it looks like an official website (at the very least, more official than your site) then you should go ahead.

Backlinks from testimonials

Every company loves to show their customer testimonials. This helps them to build credibility and get more sales.

Most businesses that sell a product or service will also accept testimonials from their customers and link back to their social profile or website. These types of backlinks are completely white hats and can help you.

Think of all the products or services you have recently purchased and reach out to the owners and send them your testimonials.

Backlinks from “best” or “top X” sites

For every niche, there are posts or lists with the most popular blogs in the industry. Your site mentioned in these types of lists is fantastic and can attract many other links later.

If the editor hasn’t mentioned your site, they probably don’t know about it yet. You can either use a broken link building strategy or simply reach out and ask if they accept new suggestions. You can also use these lists which have the most popular blogs in your industry and then try to get backlinks from them.

To find sites that publish “best” or “top X” lists, use the following search string in Google:

Best Blog + “Keyword”
Top Blog + “Keywords”

Backlinks from bloggers

Bloggers should be your best friends.

Most bloggers write not only for their site, but also for third party online publications. They always need resources and tools to mention them in their posts.

If you have a good relationship with them, they can link to your site and you will earn quality links from various blogs.

If you sell a product or provide a service, try to build a relationship with the most famous bloggers who write about your topics. Offer them your service for free and if it is great, you are regularly getting new backlinks from them.

Backlinks from link roundup

Link roundups are short posts that curate the best content from the industry in the past week or month.

If you can get a link from a roundup, then you will get a good one-way relevant link that can also refer traffic to you. These are editorial links that have great SEO value.

If you have a popular blog, you can naturally earn links from such roundups. However, if you are just starting out, you have to access your content and pitch. Always pitch your best piece of content that is qualified to increase your chances of getting featured and earning backlinks.

Everyone names their roundups differently, but you can use different search strings in Google to find most of these opportunities. Here are some options:

“Keyword” + link roundup
“Keyword” + best article
“Keyword” + Roundup
“Keywords” + best post of the week
“Keyword” + best post

Backlinks from Influencers

Influencers are similar to bloggers, but they have even more rights.

They often go to conferences and because they are well respected in their industry, their recommendations are stronger than anyone else’s.

Whenever an influencer connects to your website, you can expect to get a lot of SEO value and it will have many benefits in the future.

Backlinks from guest blogging on quality sites

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to promote a site and earn backlinks. Because of this, it has been misused and many people have said that it is no longer safe to go to guest blogging.

But this is wrong, and on the internet

Backlink from interview

Interviews can either be in podcasts on radio, TV or in a text version on the blog. No matter the form, you will get a good one-way link to your website.

Whenever you are asked to answer an interview, give your best to provide helpful answers, to increase your chances of being invited to other interviews in the future.

Most often, these interviews are invitation only. Still, it won’t hurt if you reach out, introduce yourself and say you have a story to tell.

Earned backlinks from matching and conferences

Attending local meetups or sponsor conferences can help you get backlinks from related sites.

The SEO value of these links is good, and they will help you get a lot of exposure to an audience that shares the same audience.

Internal link

Internal links are priceless for SEO. They also benefit from the fact that you have complete control over them, and you can decide where the link will be located and also what anchor text it will be.

While they may not be at the same level of importance as external links, this is an important aspect to consider for SEO.

Always link to previous articles that you wrote and make it easy for readers to navigate through your posts.

Backlinks from Blog Comment Corrected

Blog commenting has been one of the most misused strategies in the history of SEO.

Most blog comments link external sites with nodol links, but this does not prevent some people from spamming sites with low quality comments. Simply saying “Hi, nice post,” and then leaving a URL, will only harm your site.

A good blog comment consists of interacting with the editor or other readers, asking questions or providing solutions to their problems. Don’t just write comments to get links.

Also, try to stay away from sites that auto-approve blog comments, or else you may have gambling or adult sites as a link neighbor. Once your site becomes more popular, people can naturally associate it with blog comments.

Backlinks earned with webinars

Webinars are great, and they generate a lot of traction.

If the information provided in the webinar is helpful, you can also get backlinks.

Embedding your webinars always makes it easier for others. YouTube is one of the best places to host your videos.
16. Backlinks earned by creating free online tools, widgets, plugins or extensions

Just as you try to help people with useful content and tips, you can also create easy tools to solve their problems. Many backlinks are often found in small tools or plugins.

For example, you can create a mortgage calculator or a tool that helps users quickly generate an embed code for infographics. There are endless opportunities for any niche.

Backlinks from Quality Directory

Let me start by stressing that most directories are not good, and you should be very cautious when choosing someone to submit your site to. Whether it is a local directory or a blog directory, choose only those who have an established reputation and a decent authority.

If you submit your site to hundreds of directories, you will not do much harm. Don’t be tempted to buy Fiverr gigs that promise to submit your site to the “top 100 directories” for only $ 5. Those directories are useless; They will probably use the same description, title, etc.

Only backlinks from reputable directories have SEO value. This is a list with some of the most popular blog directories.

Backlink from survey

Catching surveys or surveys and then making the results public can help you earn quality backlinks. Editors like to link to statistical data, especially if the results are complicated.

Regularly send surveys to your audience and when you publish the results, you will increase your chances of getting backlinks.

Backlinks earned by creating quality videos

The content is not about the text. Videos are slowly bypassing articles and dominating the content industry.

By creating quality videos, and giving everyone an easy option to embed them, you’ll earn great links for SEO.

Backlink to people you know

Asking your friends or acquaintances to link back to your site is completely fine if they own a website that is relevant to you.

Backlinks from forum posts

Like blog comments, there is a delicate line between forum posts and good backlinks earned with bad backlinks.

If you have links from forum posts because someone naturally recommended your services, then the link would be good for SEO.

Backlinks from Q&A platforms

Everyone has questions, and everyone needs answers. If your site has answers to people’s concerns or issues, you can get links to your site from a Q&A platform with links like Quora or Yahoo Answers.

Even if most of these sites are linking back to you with a nofollow attribute, by presenting your site to a crowd, you will never know if someone decides to link it with a dofollow link Can take.

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